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Recent News & Updates

Thank you for attending the Diversity Summit and representing the MFJS department! We are a department committed to diversifying media work and media representations, and your support of this effort helps to create a welcoming climate for all persons.

Upcoming events:

Co-sponsoring with the Department of Religious Studies, lecture with Dr. Anthea Butler of U of Penn on Thursday, February 12 at 7 PM, 2015, at Anderson Commons in the room across from the coffee hope.


Dr. Helle Strandgaard Jensen of the U of Copenhagen will discuss “Kermit the Frog didn’t ‘translate’ in Scandinavian tv and how they modified him” on Tuesday, January 17 at 4:30 PM, 2015, in the MFJS building.


A backstage VIP dinner at  a lecture featuring Dr. Alice Marwick on Tuesday, February 24 at 6pm, 2015, in the Newman Concert Hall. As part of the University’s Bridges to the Future series, Transforming Media: New Realities of the Digital Age.


Dr. Nadia Kaneva of MFJS will talk about “From Communist Amazons to Sexy Robots? Women, Media, and Cultural Change in the Post-Communist World.” on  Thursday, March 12 at 4:30pm, 2015, in Lindsay Auditorium of Sturm Hall.



Please contact Lynn Schofield Clark or Dresden Romero or reply all to let us know to save a seat for you at any of these events.  Thanks!